Anyone tried Kiddy Pharmaton ?

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Anyone tried Kiddy Pharmaton ?

Postby aaronpawlak on Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:17 pm

my 15 month old DD has been totally disinterested in feeding for months now. Started off as a great eater, but since she was about 10 months old, she completely refuses to take anything on a spoon. Grand, so we tried food she could eat herself, like ham, or sausage, toast, cereal, fruit etc. This too she has been declining for some time. Cut down on milk too, though she still takes probably 2 bottles a day around nap time. Bottom line is that she really doesn’t seem hungry. At all !! Not waking during the night, and v content during the day. Weight fine. Someone told me that Kiddy Pharmaton is magic in terms of stimulating poor eaters to eat lots. WOndering if anyone has tried this, or has anyone else had a hunger strike baby ?

Thanks !
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