Firewall log odd activity?

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Firewall log odd activity?

Postby Williamhawk on Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:59 am

Hi folks,
Ok Ive been checking my firewall logs and found a date coloration between a suspect face book account.
On the same day that i received a message via facebook then checked the profile of the account holder I had a stack of hits on my avast firewall.
Now i'm not sure that the two are related but thought it worth checking out.
As a precaution I've ran Avast boot time scan and full Avast scan and a Malware bytes full scan and they have found nothing dumped on my machine.
Of note i was having issues with Chrome last month and it seems to have logged lots of events related to Chrome.exe perhaps a conflict between a chrome update and Avast?
Please Help !
Thanks !
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